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5 healthy snack essentials to keep on hand when traveling
5 healthy snack essentials to keep on hand when traveling
Posted By MBL Featured Blogger: Karen Eisenbraun
On: April 20, 2020

Diet and nutrition become a big part of your life after bariatric surgery, and play a crucial role in the success of your weight-loss journey. Now that you’re more conscious about what you’re putting into your body, it’s necessary that you plan wisely when you travel or go on vacation to avoid having to resort to unhealthy food choices on the road.

Depending on where you end up when you’re feeling hungry, you might not have access to healthy, whole foods that will provide you with the nourishment your body needs — especially if you’re a weight-loss surgery patient. However, you can play it safe by packing a series of healthy snacks that will keep your body nourished on the road if you find yourself surrounded by nothing but fast-food restaurants and gas stations.

Here are five healthy snack essentials to keep with you while you’re traveling.

1. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds typically don’t require refrigeration, aren’t too messy, and are easy to eat on the go regardless of whether you’re a driver or passenger. Plus, nuts and seeds are rich in nutrients that will make you feel full for long periods of time. Pack a variety of nuts and seeds, or throw them all together in one large bag as trail mix.

2. Protein powder

Separate protein powder into individual serving sizes and store in bags you can grab on the go. If you can, try to invest in a special travel blender that requires you to shake the bottle or blender to mix up your protein shake. Protein shakes are a great supplement to any diet, and are ideal to consume on the road when no healthy food options are in sight.

3. Dark chocolate

Do you ever find yourself getting a sweet tooth or the munchies on the road? If so, satisfy your sweet tooth with dark chocolate instead of loading up on candy bars at the nearest gas station. Find a dark chocolate bar with the highest possible cacao content you can find, upward of 70 percent or more. The higher the cacao percentage, the more antioxidants the chocolate contains.

4. Green tea

Green tea is packed with a number of antioxidants that promote digestion, immune system function, weight loss, and detoxification. Plus, green tea contains a compound known as EGCG that boosts metabolism, as well as an amino acid known as theanine that can help calm your nerves, which may be necessary if you’re feeling anxious about catching a flight or making it through airport security. Pack green tea bags, and forego the coffee if possible.

5. Granola bars

Granola bars are great to eat for breakfast or as a quick snack in between meals, but only if you’re buying granola bars that lack sugar and additives. Most granola bar brands are labeled as fat-free or low-fat, but contain high amounts of sugar, especially if you’re buying the chocolate, peanut butter, and candy varieties. When choosing granola bars, buy those that have very few ingredients, and make sure all the ingredients are 100 percent natural or organic.

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Karen Eisenbraun
Karen Eisenbraun is a certified holistic nutrition consultant and writer with a background in digital marketing. She has written extensively on the topics of nutrition and holistic health for many leading websites. Karen received her nutrition certification from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2012. She follows a ketogenic diet and practices intermittent fasting. Karen advocates a whole foods approach to nutrition and believes in empowering yourself with information that allows you to make smarter decisions about your health.

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