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5 fun ways to lose weight with your friends

Imagine that you’re at the gym and you finally hit your goal of running a 10-minute mile.

Updated: December 6, 2020
lose weight with friends
By MBL Featured Blogger: Karen Eisenbraun
Originally Posted: August 12, 2020


Lose Weight With Friends | Perhaps you’re doing high-intensity interval training and you were able to fit in an extra three push-ups within your one-minute timeframe.

These are great accomplishments, and you can pat yourself on the back and maybe even reward yourself with a healthy smoothie, but wouldn’t you have more fun celebrating your accomplishments with friends?

Studies have shown that working out alongside one or more friends can accelerate your weight-loss progress because you’re pushing yourself more and having fun in the process. Plus, according to nutritionist Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, your healthy, like-minded friends can serve as the ideal support system throughout your weight-loss journey.

However, if you don’t exactly have a group of workout buddies, and most of your other friends tend to stay away from the gym, there are still creative ways to lose weight with your friends while maintaining that same level of fun.

Here are five fun ways to start losing weight with your friends.

1. Have a girls’ night out at the studio

If your friends typically enjoy grabbing drinks at the local hotspot once per week, talk to them about doing girls’ night out at an exercise studio instead. Today, there are plenty of creative, fun, niche workouts available at most studios across the US. Sign up for barre, indoor cycling, rowing, or dance classes at least once per month, if not once per week. Make it into an event by inviting your friends over to your home for healthy snacks and food following the workout. Soon, even your non-fitness savvy friends will come to enjoy, appreciate, and look forward to studio night.

2. Start a cooking club

Forget about the book club — start a cooking club and host a themed food night at least once per month. The catch is that everyone has to prepare a healthy dish that falls under the theme for that particular night. For example, host a Mexican-themed night and encourage your friends to bring healthy bean dips, fish tacos, and other healthy fares. A cooking club will allow you to spend time with friends and bond over healthy meals without having to worry about consuming extra calories from alcohol and restaurant foods that may secretly be loaded with sodium and sugar.

3. Enroll in a healthy cooking class

If you’ve been cooking your own healthy meals at home, you might be running out of creative ideas or have grown tired of preparing the same meals repeatedly, day after day. Enroll in a cooking class that specializes in healthy meal prep, or enroll in a specialty cooking class that teaches you how to roll sushi or prepare vegan foods. Cooking classes have a lot to offer and can inspire you in new ways when you’re spending time at home in your kitchen.

4. Arrange a healthy stay-cation

Clear plans for an entire day and go with one or more friends to a morning fitness class, such as yoga, cycling, or a dance class. Then, go to a healthy cafe or deli and order nutritious meals such as salads or omelets. Following brunch or lunch, go back to the gym to enjoy the steam room or sauna to rest and recover. While this type of in-town “stay-cation” may not seem like much, you’ll find that you feel refreshed by the end of the day.

5. Exercise for a great cause

Every town and major city normally hosts one or more fitness functions per year to benefit charities and causes, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Talk to your local health care provider or do an online search to find events in your local area. Look for events such as marathons, walk-a-thons, and spinning or cycling events that support a good cause. Ask your friends what they’d like to do, and make plans to attend the next local charity function.





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