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My Cats Have a Better Self-Care Routine Than I Do!

National Cat Day - October 29th

Updated: December 6, 2020
My Cats Have a Better Self-Care Routine Than I Do!
By MBL Featured Blogger: Paula Henry
Originally Posted: November 2, 2020

Did you know that October 29 was National Cat Day?

A day of honor and celebration for the Cat.

As I sat and watched my cat work grooming herself, she was not even aware I was there. She didn’t have a care in the world. And was not about to let me interrupt her grooming routine. It was then that I realized that MY cat and probably all cats have better self-care routines than I do.

We have 2 cats, both rescues. One is a 5-year-old, beautiful long-haired tuxedo cat. Her name is Winnifred Night but also goes by Big Fluff and Winnie. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, much to my disdain. She meows like a wild feral beast when she wants out and gently taps on the bedroom screen when she is ready to come in. Occasionally she’ll bring a critter in, even live ones, but mostly leaves them mangled on the front walk for us. How thoughtful of her!

Winnifred Night

The other is a barn cat rescue. Someone had dumped a litter of kittens at the pumpkin patch we visit annually. I jokingly told my son, ask your father. I was sure he’d say “NO” or even “[email protected]% NO”. That plan backfired and home we came with a tiny 8-week old kitten in a cardboard box. No pumpkins that year, he was too excited with the kitten. She’s one now and through all of the craziness of this year, both my husband and I have remarked about how much joy she has brought to our family. My son named her Zenxia Crockett. The former is for a friend/girl in London and the latter is the name of the pumpkin patch. She also goes by Zennie. I know, we are a sucker for our pets. She and Winnie are not fond of each other, however.

Zenxia Crockett

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Both cats are super affectionate, on their own terms of course. They both will jump up on your lap for a little snuggling. And also like to sleep on me in the bed. Yes ON me! My DH calls them “hood ornaments”. Winnie will move with me as I roll over as if she’s a skilled lumberjack on a log roll. But Zennie likes to lick on bare skin. Yea it’s kinda weird, but sweet. All of our research says that she was weaned too soon and now thinks I’m her momma. It’s nice to be loved. She likes to get under the blankets and nuzzle the back of my hair and spoons my back. She’s a warm little snuggler.

Lately, I’ve been noticing my cats’ behaviors and it has become apparent that both of them have a way better self-care regimen than I do.

  • They groom themselves constantly– Even Winnie, the outdoor girl, is no slacker. She is pristine in her grooming. Hair smooth and shiny, no tangles or leaves. I can’t even remember the last time I styled my hair. I just wash it and let it dry naturally, I’ve realized it has a slight wave to it too. I have never noticed that due to years and years of blow-drying and styling.
  • Not afraid to say no – Cats have no problem telling someone no. It’s either by simply ignoring me or even a quick nip or stern meow to say stop that right now. People, Ok myself, sometimes have a problem saying no. I am a people pleaser and it sometimes gets the best of me. I.e. agreeing to cook the entire meal for Thanksgiving.
  • Self soothes with purring – My cats are loud purrers. I just thought purring was a way to express contentment and happiness but I just recently learned that’s their way of calming themselves too. Cats have anxiety too? And instead of a glass of wine, they resort to purring to calm themselves. Smart kitty!

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  • Sleep Sleep Sleep – I find my kitties rolled into a ball on some comfortable chair, bed, or even a laundry basket all day long. And they especially love napping in the sun streaming through the kitchen window. They never lack for their beauty sleep. I, on the other hand, struggle to get to bed in enough time to get my minimum 7 hours before my 6 AM alarm. And to add to that, my DH is on a completely different sleep schedule than I am.
  • Exercise daily – Both of our fluff balls get plenty of exercise. Winnie, the outdoor adventurer, spends her time chasing critters and birds about the back yard. She’s a fit 9 pounds. And our youngster Zennie runs back and forth at breakneck speed through the house every morning. Over the chair, around the table, along the back of the couch, in manic pursuit of nothing. And then she’s done. My Doctor recently asked about my fitness/exercise plan and all I could do was shrug. It’s kinda fallen by the wayside lately.
  • Takes time out to play – We have a fish tank, a really big fish tank. With the top being about 5 feet high, and somehow Zennie manages to jump up and walk around the rim of the tank. I used to worry she would fall in and drown but nows she’s big enough now that instead of fear I just have annoyance. She doesn’t eat the fish, at least I don’t think so. But she walks around there dipping her paw in to “play” with them. Of course, we have cat toys but she prefers the fish tank. In comparison, with all of the fun places closed, movie theaters, playhouses, bowling alleys even pickleball courts, I don’t remember the last time we “played”.
  • Expresses their needs – Cats aren’t shy about letting you know what they like and don’t like. My mom’s cat, Oreo, doesn’t like me. And when I show up, no matter how quiet I am, she senses me and runs under the bed, where she stays, either until I go to bed or leave. She’s not shy about her dislike for me, and she doesn’t hide it. How come humans aren’t more forthcoming with expresses their wants and needs? Maybe we could be more fulfilled if we just asked for what we needed.

Cats have it all figured out. I always thought that cats might just be the masters and us, their servants. Follow your cat’s lead. Take better care of yourself, especially now. Do you have a cat? How is your cat making your life better during this uncertain time?

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