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10 Things Not To Do After Gastric Sleeve

On: March 19, 2020

Hey guys, I’m back for another 10 things video. Uh, so today I’m going to be talking about the 10 things not to do after gastric sleeve, uh, or really just any bariatric surgery. So if you are interested, then just keep watching.

Video Transcription:

All right. Number one is. Not really isn’t what Kyland does. He’s like, all right, number one is something I’ve talked about plenty of times in my past videos and that is do not drink soda. Whatever you do, do not put that back in your life because I’ve said it before. It hurts at first and it kind of makes you not want to drink soda, but over time it gets easier and easier to drink soda because your stomach is naturally stretching out. So do yourself a favor. Do not put it back in because, um, for me that was something that really triggered me eating bad was putting soda back in. So don’t do it if you can. Don’t do it. Number two, do not forget to take your vitamins. Um, I don’t remember all of the like common deficiencies for all of the different types of surgeries, but I do know that for gastric sleeve, vitamin D was one of the biggest things that people can get deficient in.

And I got really, really deficient in it. Um, I actually still have a deficiency in it that I’m constantly having to be reminded by my doctors to take my vitamins. So don’t forget to take your vitamins and be really aware of what deficiencies you should look out for, uh, depending on what type of surgery you do because it is really important. Um, and in my case it was even more important because I got pregnant about a year post op. Um, and so that was something that I had to make sure I stayed on top of throughout the pregnancy and you know, obviously afterwards as I was breastfeeding and things like that as well. So just be very aware of those deficiencies. Number three, do not eat and drink at the same time. Um, this is something that I remember it at the beginning especially. It was really frustrating for me.

And I don’t know, I don’t know why it was so frustrating, but, um, I was really good at following this role at the beginning and, um, I think it was just like, as I got farther out, I just, I think maybe forgot and just started just, you know, letting go of that, you know, um, guideline I should be following, but it’s really important because that is what contributes to how much your stomach starts stretching and how quickly it happens. So you really to stay on top of that, um, and make sure you follow the guidelines. I think it’s like 30 minutes. You’re supposed to wait. Um, I don’t remember the exact number, but uh, your surgeon will talk about that on the, um, you know, diet postop and things you’re supposed to be following. But it’s really important that you start that habit early in your postdoc journey because it’s just, you, you know, you build a habit and you start following those guidelines and it’s so crucial.

Here I am, you know, very far out and you know, it’s, I think I’ve ruined it at this point. So, um, make sure you do that really early on because that is really gonna set you up for success. Number four. This one again is crucial and something that I was horrible about and that is do not miss your postop visits with your surgeon. Um, my surgeon lit, I don’t know where he lives. My surgeon is located about 30 minutes, maybe sometimes even 45 minutes away from me and that’s not an excuse obviously, but that was something that was really hard for me to keep up with was going to see him. Um, because you know, it just, it got to the point where it was really hard to keep doing that during work and things like that. Um, also I was kind of embarrassed like, because I started like falling off the wagon on certain things and I was embarrassed to go up there and like tell him what was going on.

And I mean that, that’s also important that you have an open, honest relationship with your surgeon and your support group. Because in the end, I mean, you’re only hurting yourself. You have to be honest with yourself and the goals that you’re setting for yourself. And that’s something that I really struggled with was falling up with him and getting the help that I needed. Um, I guarantee you that if I would’ve started to talk to him about like putting soda back in and things like that, you know, I might’ve been a little bit more successful of taking it back out after talking to him. So really keep, uh, keep a good relationship with your surgeon, even if it’s two years post op. I mean, that support system is so important as you get through your journey. So, um, stay in touch with him or her. Number five, I think this is dependent on the person going through the surgery, but for me this was a huge mistake and that is don’t put too many sweets back in your diet.

Um, I am so bad with sweets. I could literally eat dessert all day, every day. I remember before the surgery when I was really overweight, we would always get dessert and we had a habit of even getting like a dessert after every single meal. And I remember my now husband would always be like, why do you, why do you need a dessert after everything? Like I’d probably eat dessert after breakfast if I could. And it kind of like, it was like a wake up call for me when he said that, I’m like, you’re right and I don’t need a dessert after every single meal. So, um, if you are like me and if you have a sweet tooth, be very cautious of how many sweets you’re putting back in because it’s just going to trigger those, you know, addictions and those old habits and it’ll be really hard to break.

Especially I’ve, you know, if you have a little taste, you’re just going to want more. So be really careful about what, what you’re putting back into your diet. Number six. Um, this was something that, you know, I think I probably faced probably more when I was around like six months postop because in the beginning, you know, you’re on a very strict diary diet of liquids and things like that. Um, but number six is don’t go out to eat too much because once you start introducing those habits again, and once you start going out to eat more, you’re going to be, you know, I guess more lenient and you’re going to, you know, start letting go of those strict guidelines that you’ve been following up until this point. Um, like I said at the beginning, it’s so you’re on such a strict diet that you really can’t go out to eat, but once you’re starting adding solids back in, um, be really careful about how many times you’re going out to eat and how, you know, what type of restaurants you’re going to and try to stay away from the things that you know are going to trigger those bad habits.

Because like I said before, it’s just going to start spiraling out of control. And, um, you know, you want to really make sure you’re, you’re taking hold of these problems at the very beginning. Number seven, don’t forget to keep track of your measurements because one thing I have learned, um, over the years and just, you know, with different diets and exercise plans that I’m following is that your body is changing in so many different ways. And of course you’re going to start dropping weight really quick on the scale, but you also need to look at the entire picture because you’re going to be losing inches. You’re going to be like feeling better, your skin’s going to start looking better. There’s going to be so many changes that your body’s going through and it is so important to document all of these changes. Um, I was really good at taking measurements and pictures for like the first, like six months or so.

And like I said, as you get farther out and you get more comfortable with your new way of living, sometimes you just start, um, you know, letting go of that Slack a little bit. And I started forgetting to take pictures. I started forgetting to take measurements and I wish that I had been better about that because I could have looked back and remembered all of those, you know, really important milestones for me. So, um, don’t forget to look at the whole picture and really try to embrace all of the changes that your body is going through because it is going to happen very fast. And um, it’s something that you don’t want to miss. You don’t want to miss any, any bit of the changes that your body is going through, even if it’s just losing an inch around your waist because that’s huge. So keep track of it.

Number nine, this one is again, very important and that is do not feel ashamed. Don’t feel embarrassed that you did this surgery. Don’t feel like you need to hide it, although obviously, again, every person is different. So you might feel more comfortable telling people than you know someone else who’s had the surgery. So, um, regardless of who you tell, don’t be ashamed of the choice you made because you took control of your life. You decided to make this change, have the surgery and get healthy. So never ever feel like you should feel embarrassed because you took the easy way out because you didn’t, you didn’t take the easy way out. You took charge of your life and that’s something you need to be very proud of. Number 10 is do not look at this like a fix all solution. This is not going to fix everything.

I’ve said this plenty of times in my videos before, but this is a tool and it needs to be used as a tool and not something that’s just going to fix your problems and be the easy way out. Um, this takes so much work. You have to be mentally prepared for making those huge lifestyle changes, like following a really strict diet at the beginning and throughout the entire journey and putting healthy lifestyle changes, like working out into your routine. Um, so don’t look at this like it’s going to fix, fix your problems because you’re going to have to put in 110%. You’re probably going to need to start talking to someone and you know, finding an outlet for, um, you know, what you used to use food for. So be prepared that you’re going to have to put in work and you’re going to have to be mentally and physically ready for those changes that are coming.

So that’s it. That is the 10 things not to do after gastric sleeve. And I am speaking from experience. Um, when I was thinking of this list and trying to come up with 10 things, I really was thinking of things that I messed up with and that I think I would have been more successful if I didn’t do this stuff. So, um, I hope you found it helpful and for all of you that are new to my channel, welcome. I’m so excited you’re here and I’m really hoping to get connected with you guys. So, um, I’m trying to keep up with the comments, so forgive me if I’m a little delayed, but, um, I’m really excited. I’ve got a lot of content planned and um, I really want to hear from you guys of what you’d like to see. I’ve gotten quite a few suggestions from you guys.

So I am going to start filming those for you and putting those out. Um, a little bit more regular now. So stay tuned for that. I also wanted to let you guys know that I officially have a Twitter and Facebook page and Instagram account that you can follow. So I will link those all down below for you to click on and follow me. Um, and feel free to use any of those different platforms to ask me questions. Uh, you can ask them here on my channel is send me a message, uh, however you want to communicate with me, feel free to do so. And um, I’m going to get a lot better with keeping up with you guys. And I know I’ve said this before in previous videos, but I am for real this time. So, um, subscribe if you have not subscribed to keep up with my journey and all the different videos I’ll be putting out. And like I said, I, uh, am really excited to hear and I hope to get to know you guys. All better. So until next time, I will see you guys real soon. And thanks for watching. Bye guys.

No, I forgot one. Forgot a couple. Don’t forget to drink your water. I mean, geez, that’s important. It’s like really important because you like, you know, who was the other one I was just thinking of? Gosh, I mean, it’s like

One of the things that Kimberly did did that you don’t need to do if you want to be successful,

Because I just don’t know what I’m doing. Girl.

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