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Beau Nugget The Cat Starts His Difficult Weight Loss Journey | My Big Fat Pet Makeover

On: October 26, 2020



Owners of 10 year old tabby cat, Beau Nugget, turn to Travis Brorsen in hopes that he will shed some weight. Official MyBigLife Top 100 Weight Loss Journey Videos of all time!


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Update: How is Beau Nugget doing?  Well we at MBL wanted to know too. We reached out to Animal Planet and haven’t received any comment.  We hope Beau Nuggets’ parents don’t continue to overindulge him. There is really no such thing as a fat cat, only cat owners that don’t understand and aren’t willing to feed a cat appropriately. Did you ever wonder how obese people who were bedridden could continue to maintain their weight? Because someone needed to enable them through food delivery.  Enablers and saboteurs are the worst enemies of someone on a weightloss journey. Do you have enablers in your life? Good Luck to Beau Nugget! See the full episode here.

Paula Henry – MBL Founder  

I’m Rick again and I’m Valerie again and we have a cat named Beau Nugget.

Everyone that comes into our home, they’re like, wow, your cat’s larger than your dog. And we’re like, yeah, that’s right. There’s Beau Nugget. Here’s a little boomer, awesome Beau Nugget loves to eat. He runs food and he’s constantly crying and telling me that he’s hungry. He wants some more food. So I give it to him. I’m afraid if he gets much bigger you won’t be able to fit through his pet door key is constantly after me for food. I don’t feel as though up at night, he comes to our bedroom door and he paws on it all night long and keeps me away. I think sticky knows that when he bugs you, you’ll go feed him. But if he bugs me, I won’t feed him. So he doesn’t bug me. I don’t know.  Very happy cat.

It sounds like Rick and Valerie are confused about who’s in charge. I feel like Beau Nugget’s running the show here. Okay, so about Beau Nugget. Yeah, he eats inside the kayaks. That’s his buffet space. That’s his buffet space. So Beau Nugget can get from the floor to him? He can, but I will, I will admit that some mornings when he’s begging for his food, I actually do pick him up and put him in the kayak. Oh, I didn’t know. Okay, let’s go. Okay. So what I do is I come out in the morning and seems very hungry and who gets the big green cupful? We completely fill up the bowl. Okay. And that is how he gets to eat. Okay. So I leave food in the bowl all the time. Okay. So then how long will it take him to eat that he can actually go through it in 12 hours. Okay. Right. So this would be his morning feeding. That’s his morning feeding. And then you do one more. I do one more in the evening because I don’t want him awaking me in the middle of the night for food. All right. So in one day we’re looking at something like that for mr Beau Nugget. Probably that’s a lot. Probably be equivalent to about two birds. Don’t you think?

Are we talking about pheasant or Turkey? You know what? If I was to tell you that this was their proper amount for a cat, that should be at his average weight per day. Wow. I think he would starve with that much. Beau Nugget should be eating no more than one cup per day. Valerie has been feeding him at least four times that amount. That’s not even the size of one bird. Well, I just know that if he were living out in the wild, do you know how many you would have to hunt for his food? So how hard does bow hunt for his food?

He really much, let’s go back in the house. Okay. There’s no question that Beau Nugget is extremely overweight, but before I can set healthy goals for this family, we need to find out exactly what he weighs. Okay. So his head sand here, Rick. Well, normal size cats. A healthy maximum weight for Beau Nugget would be 14 pounds. Good boy. Should we try to hit the mini? No, I think if he doesn’t want it, he’ll get out. Alright. Let’s see what Beau Nugget weighs. Wait. Whoa. Oh wow. Wow. 23.5 pounds. Wow. Wow. So he could be more than doubled in order for Rick and Valerie to understand the severity of the situation, I really need to hammer home how much they’re overfeeding Bo. I have a way to show them in terms they will definitely understand. If this pizza was the only thing you had to eat for an entire day, could you eat this whole pizza in one day? I actually think I could. So you worked on the first pizza. Let’s say you finished it in evening time. Could you do another one? I might be able to have a bite of it.

Oh please.

Really? Wow. Okay. So if you didn’t have a shutoff valve and somebody gave you all of this in a day, you would eat them all. Who else in your family doesn’t have a shutoff valve? Poor little Beau Nugget portion was at least four times the amount of what he should be getting. This is the equivalent of what’s happening to bow every single day.

That’s sad.

They must feel miserable. I mean I, I just had one of these and a couple of pieces of another one. Miserable. Of course it plays around all day. How do we know when you feel miserable and you’re sick? What do you do around all day?

I don’t want to do anything that makes me want to cry. I could be making Beau Nugget miserable instead of happy

One of the solutions as part of the health and wellness plan I’m going to put together for Beau, we’ll be this really fun cat toy. He’ll fill this with the food and this will be the actual portion he needs to be getting twice a day and if Beau Nugget wants his food bad enough, he will bet this little ball around and the food will just come. Right. That’s a great idea. Have one more thing for you. I had a custom cat tree made to go on the wall that will help him work for his food. That’s so exciting. I’m really looking forward to next time I check in to see where we’re at. Okay, great. Okay, that’s great. Excellent. The first time I was here is extremely overweight. When Valerie was holding him, she had to set him down after less than a minute because he was so heavy. When he went down, he just plopped me. He was just like, like this donut laying on the floor. I’m hoping that they stuck with it and he’s been able to lose the weight. Today Travis is coming to check in on us and I’m really excited to show him my progress. I’m excited to see Beau Nugget. Is he around? He’s here somewhere. Okay, though. Nugget. Hello? Aw.

Yeah. Betty is seeing Beau Nugget for the first time. I don’t think he looks that different, but Rick and Valerie are convinced that he’s lost weight. There’s only one way to find out and that’s to get him on the scale. You ready to see what both ways, just so we lost two pounds. He did Beau Nugget only lost two pounds, but that means the scale is moving in the right direction, which means Rick and Valerie have finally bought in to what I asked them to do.


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