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Ben Greenfield Fitness
Ben Greenfield Fitness
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About Ben Greenfield Fitness

He was a complete nerd. President of the chess club, played violin for 13 years, wrote fantasy fiction, and spent most of his childhood years with his nose in a book.

Ben graduated at 15.

He began college at 16, playing singles and doubles for the men’s tennis team.

For four years, Ben studied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, biochemistry and nutrition, eventually rising to the top of his class, completing an internship at Duke University and the National Football League, then graduating in 2004 at 20 years old as the top senior in his class at University of Idaho—all while working as a bartender, personal trainer, lab assistant, nutritionist, spinning instructor, athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning coach. While attaining a 4.0 GPA in his advanced science courses, he competed as president of the triathlon club, middle for the men’s volleyball team, holeset for the water polo team, and was a muscle-bound bodybuilder at 215 pounds and 3% body fat. Official MyBigLife Top 100 Weight Loss Blogger!


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