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Eat Yourself Skinny
Eat Yourself Skinny
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When I started dating my now-hubby Chris, we sort of fell into that comfort period that I’m sure most new couples can relate to of lounging around, watching movies, and eating whatever we wanted. Well we both ended up gaining a little bit of “happy weight” as I like to call it and I wanted us both to get back into a healthier lifestyle. So I started making new recipes every week and Chris would always randomly post them on Facebook. Well I certainly didn’t want our dishes to look ugly for the world so I started styling the food before he’d take a picture and would save the recipes that we liked. I’ve always been a huge fan of food blogs and thought it’d be really fun to keep an online account of these recipes and photos while also sticking to our healthy lifestyle. That was when Eat Yourself Skinny was born!Official MyBigLife Top 100 Weight Loss Blogger!


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