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First Steps Toward Insurance Approval For WLS-Bariatric Surgery

On: March 19, 2020



Outlining what steps I have taken thus far to get to surgery approval. Official MyBigLife Top 100 Weight Loss Journey Videos of all time!

Video Transcription:

Hi guys. It’s Lisa Mimi in Tennessee. Today is November the ninth. Monday, sorry, November the ninth, 2015 and I’m coming to you from my office today. Um, I am currently working and on my lunch break I wanted to um, kind of give you guys an idea of where I am in my weight loss surgery pursuit. If you see my previous videos, you know that I’m kind of in the very, very beginning stages of this journey and I kind of wanted to give you an idea of what I’ve done so far and um, where I’m at now and maybe get you guys to give me some advice and tips on some things that I can go ahead and do. Um, while we’re kind of in this lull or waiting period to kinda help move the process along if that possible. I would like to have the surgery this summer, um, probably like June or July.

And the reason for that is because I work for my local school system and um, the summertime would be better for me. I do work year round, but the summer time would be better for me because school’s not in session and it’s a slower time for me as far as my workload. So that would put, um, less of a burden on my supervisor and those folks that have to kind of pick up my workload while I’m out of work for those two or three weeks. Um, so, um, that being said, I’ve done so far, um, in, I decided to pursue the surgery at the end of September. I’ve been Luling it over for a long time, years even. Um, but I finally decided that I had, I was done. I was defeated and I needed the, I needed help. I couldn’t do it on my own anymore. Um, at the end of September, um, I made an appointment to see my family care physician and that took place on October 21st.

Um, went in to talk to him about my weight and, um, my struggles, which he’s aware of because I’ve been seeing him since my mid twenties. And, um, before I even asked him about seeing a weight loss surgeon, he actually, um, suggested it, which surprised me. I had gone in to that appointment with the mindset that I was going to have to persuade him, um, to help me in that pursuit. But I didn’t. Um, he suggested, he suggested that I see dr Steven Boyce who is with new life bariatric center. I believes the name and, um, I know my, my family care physician wouldn’t steer me wrong. He’s a great doctor. He’ll, I’ll live in a death and he’s a very awesome doctor. He, he really cares about his patients. He’s like 67 now, but he says he’s going to work until the day he, he physically or mentally can’t work anymore.

Um, he’s just awesome. Really cares about his patients, really spends time with his patients. And so I know you wouldn’t steer me wrong. And so once I got the name from him, I’ve been doing some research on Dr Boyce as well and I found, um, he actually started the program where he is. So that’s kind of, um, I liked that, that he did that, that cause he was with another group. Um, apparently before this new life bariatric center was opened. It’s not been open long, but he’s, he’s been doing Marietta surgeries for a really long time. But, um, like I said, he’s the one that actually started the group and I’ve found several interviews that tastes done with local, um, TV stations here regarding his surgeries. So, um, I’m pretty confident in him so far. So, um, the surgery center actually contacted me, um, after my appointment with my family care physician to schedule the seminar appointment, which apparently is the, the first thing you have to do to get started with the surgery center and that is tomorrow evening.

And I’m excited about that. I’m looking forward to it cause I’m sure I’m gonna get lots of informative information and finally get this step moving or this process moving a little bit, um, to, uh, hopefully get to my goal of having the surgery this summer. Um, another thing that I’m done is the, um, have contacted my answer on his company, both my current and my new one. I will actually be changing insurance companies, um, beginning of the year, um, because of new plan that is offered by my employer, but I’ve already contacted them as well and they’ve sent me the, the letter that shows, um, what surgeries are covered and the criteria that you have to meet. And since my BMI is under 40, I will have quite a huge, a few hoops to jump through to make this happen. Um, it seems like I’m running the borderline though.

It’s kinda crazy. But anyway, it is what it is. And one of the things that, um, if I read it correctly, if I understand it correctly, you have to do like a six month, um, white loss attempt, uh, with your doctorate. It has to be current. Um, and it also said something about, um, what I understood it to say was that it couldn’t be with the surgeon. It had to be with a different doctor other than the surgeon. So I’ve gone ahead and made those appointments with my primary care physician. Um, at this point, I’m not sure if that’s exactly who I will be saying for these six months, but I went ahead and got those out of the way because he is kind of tough to get in to see. Um, so I have that taken care of and I’m sure I may know more after the seminar, but I’m at this point, I mean is it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and have that, those schedules in and I can always cancel them.

It’s no big deal. Um, so I’ve done that. And another thing I’ve done, um, if you’ve watched my first video, you know, that was all finna remain off and on for several years and um, actually had two different ways, weight loss clinics that I use for that. Um, I did one and then I lost a lot of weight and then gained it back. But I didn’t go back to them the second time I went to another one cause it was a little bit more convenient in their hours and things. So I’ve gotten all my records from the latter one. Weight started back in 2015. I figured that was probably going to be good enough cause it was the most current. Um, Oh, excuse me. I started back in 2010 with them, um, in the spring I think. And then those records shows each and every single time that I visited them and got refills for the fitter made.

So I’ve got like five years worth of my goodness records that, um, where I’ve been on phentermine, off and on. And um, so have those just in case they’re needed. And just to show the insurance company and the bit was, you know, more attempts there to lose weight. So that’s kinda where I am now. Um, I will get back with you guys after the seminar to let you know how that goes. And like I said, if you have any suggestions for me, um, some of the things I can go ahead and do and get out of the way, um, that will be awesome. Just please comment below and I will see you guys later. Bye.


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