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My Life Metamorphsis

On: April 30, 2020

I own too many red lipsticks. I’m addicted to confetti and drink too much espresso. For lack of a better word, I am an artist; my main medium is Jewelry design and I do that for a “living”. I love to annoy my friends and family by singing to every song I know like I can absolutely, totally sing. I have a keen eye for nuance and innuendo, but often miss what’s right there in plain sight. I LOVE a beautiful blog and I am a glossy magazine junkie! I LOVE to read. (French culture right now)~ I believe in Magick.  I started this journey over 100 pounds overweight. In this blog I will bitch, cry, spill painful thoughts, hopefully cheer my successes and chronicle my changes as I uncover little by little, the true authentic me that has been stifled for much to long..  Official MyBigLife Top 100 Weight Loss Blogger!





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Paula Henry
Co-Founder & Executive Editor MyBigLIfe.com
Paula Henry earned a BFA in design from William Woods University. She used her design degree in combination with her abundant natural people skills to become a top sales manager and design consultant to architectural firms across North America, representing companies such as Magic Woods, Panolam and RJF International. When her son was born she left the corporate world and assumed the role of stay-at-home mom and CEO of the Henry household, where she honed her skills in the areas of patience, ingenuity, multi-tasking, and knowing when to resort to plan-b. During her free time, she is a highly successful fundraiser for several not-for-profits.Paula serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Editor at MyBigLife.com, which she operates with her husband Jeff.

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