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Weight Loss, Penis Size And Sex,,,,,Oh My!!!

On: March 19, 2020

Everything you wanted to know about weight loss, penis size and sex but were too afraid to ask……or maybe you just really want to know. Official MyBigLife Top 100 Weight Loss Journey Videos of all time!

Video Transcription:

This is the orb pig coming at ya. And so I get a lot of questions about this and unfortunately or fortunately for you, I don’t get embarrassed by a lot of things. So we’re going to go over penis size in weight loss. And what does that mean to you? Okay, so first let me disappoint you fellows out there and say that when you lose weight, fat does not transfer to your penis. Okay? It’s still the same size. It always was. It doesn’t change. It just feels what blood. It’s, it’s basically just extra skin and that fills in with blood. Uh, there’s no fat there. It’s not like women with your boobies. All right? It’s, it’s no fat transferring there. You won’t lose any of what you got. So don’t worry about losing weight and thinking I’m going to lose some of that skin down there.

You’re not going to lose that. Okay? So your penis stays the same size with weight loss, but you will get the appearance of having a bigger penis. Okay? So I brought some visual AIDS. So here’s the thing, you got fat Damien, right? And you got the penis. Now, when you’re fat and overweight, your belly IX comes out. And like I said, your penis doesn’t get any bigger when you’re fat, it doesn’t get any bigger when you lose weight. But here’s the thing, your fat comes out over your penis, okay? And it covers up a lot of it. So now who you are, even though you’ve got this, you know, normal size penis or, or however you are guys, okay? Is whatever, whether you’re, you know, you’re a little bitty or your average size, average size, OK? Uh, th the fat is basically gonna start and golfing it, okay?

So now, even though you’ve got this much to give to her, or to your hand, whichever one pomelo or your wife, uh, you, you can’t get well, your boyfriend, you know, new generation, you can’t give it all, okay? Because the fat is coming over your Willie and he can’t, he can’t show. So now instead, you only got like this much showing, but when you lose, okay? And also you have the appearance. All right? So here I am, a gigantic fat Damien. And then you’ve got this little bitty, uh Oh snicker doodle down here. That’s the penis. And you know, because Damien is so big, this penis looks even smaller because the fat is swallowing it up. All right? But okay, this is where I was going. When you lose weight or a lot of it like I did, and you get to be little bitty, guess what?

Now your snicker doodle gets the stick fully out and there’s not so much fat or skin to engulf it and cover it all up. Okay? So now you have the appearance of having a bigger, a snicker doodle because you’re smaller. So the comparison chart, you know, when you got an elephant next to a quarter, it doesn’t really look that big. But when you’ve got a softball next to a quarter, a quarter is not so bad, right? It’s not, it’s not so little bitty. It’s the same principle next to something small. You, your Willie’s gonna look a lot bigger. So unfortunately, when you’re, when you’re overweight, when you’re fat, and if you, you’re not gifted with a large penis to begin with, it’s going to appear even smaller. And even if you do have a big penis, it could look so much more bigger if you actually lose weight. Okay. So the first and best thing is that while it won’t increase your penis size, it will give you more to work with because more is going to be away from that fat.

You can’t just push fat out the way and use all of what God gave you. Okay, well whoever created you, it doesn’t work that way. But when you lose the weight, you will have more of your penis coming out and able to give it all right? And it’s going to have the appearance of it because you’re a smaller individual. So by having that smaller individual, now this looks like a whole lot more than it did when it’s, you know, next to the elephant. Um, so my plan for this was to do like maybe a question in the answer. Maybe put a couple of these videos out and like have my wife here with me. But unfortunately she’s not like me and she does get embarrassed by these things. Okay. But I was able to quiz her a little bit on the kind of questions I figured y’all would want to know, uh, and ask, uh, about this.

So I, you know, I inquisitive pose my questions to her of what, what has changed with come on the, the elephant in the room, right? Sex. What, what has changed with sex since I’ve lost all this weight? Okay. Now, number one, I’m going to tell you, I think this was my wife’s nice way of trying to tell me to lose weight back when I was starting to get heavy. Probably like when I was around three 50 or 400. I mean, before I was like really, really big, she told me that sex was becoming uncomfortable. Now I’m a guy, I love sex, right? Uh, so, so that, that was kind of a blow to me was that sex was becoming uncomfortable to her. And the reason being is because one, as an overweight individual, the only position that we could really do was missionary, right? Guy on top.

That’s the only position that we could really do. And it’s because even, even if I’m upright, she would have to spread her legs, like almost do a split. And my wife was not a gymnast, she was never a cheerleader or a gymnast. So that just ain’t happening. All right. So sex was becoming uncomfortable because basically I’m forcing her into a split almost every single time because I’m so gigantic. So that wasn’t too good. Then the next thing. Uh, so, so that’s a bonus right now that I’m back to losing weight, I mean chicken wrap her legs around me. Okay. It’s, they can stay in a closed position and I’m not forcing her into this medieval torture position of splitting her legs apart. So that’s one. The other thing she told me is that I get better penetration now, uh, since losing my weight. And that goes back to having more of my little snicker doodle, uh, being exposed.

Right. I don’t have all that fat behind it to cover up. Probably probably half of my penis was covered up by fat. Okay. So now instead of having that covered up and basically just having a head with a little bit of shaft, I get to use the full member of what I have. So that’s, that’s more penetration. Is that good or bad? I don’t know. Women, women are different, you know, uh, the bottom line, look guys, we’re the only ones obsessed with penis size women for the most part. Okay. 90, 95% of them really don’t care about the size of your penis. All right? But you get more penetration. Is that good or bad? I don’t know. It depends on the woman. You know, sometimes when you start getting too deep, it actually starts to hurt. And you know, for us it’s hard for us not to put everything in there, especially in the heat of the moment and getting excited.

You know, it’s hard not to go all the way. So, so you would have to reframe yourself from, from using your full member. If you do become exposed and you have, you know, you’re gifted. So I get better penetration with my wife, good or bad, she’s indifferent. She just says, uh, you know, it’s nice, you know, but again, women aren’t obsessed with penis size. We are, I guess she’s saying that you could care less. I think she’s more excited about being able to not have to do a split with her legs anymore than the penetration, but it’s there. Okay. So you do get more penetration and if you get a girl who does like deep penetration, you want to be as thin as possible so that you can use as much as you remember as possible. Uh, the other thing she, she kind of touched on me having longer stamina, but I asked her, I was like, is that, is that true? Cause it feels like we go just as long as we did before. And she’s like, yeah, you kind of do, but you don’t get so out of breath. So my cardio is better obviously since I’m running. And even when I was just working out so your cardio gets better, so you’re not, uh, sounding like a great big fat guy on top of her either. You know, a big giant plate of food just got in front of you. And you got the heavy breathing.

Okay. So, so she said better stamina, but she’s kind of iffy on that. The other thing is, uh, not sweaty, so I sweat a lot. Okay. I, I’m, you can probably see from my gym videos, that’s just from lifting weights. All right? When I get done running and I put a video out earlier, when I get done running, I look like I’ve jumped into a pool. All right? I’m soaked from head to bone, uh, with sweat. So I sweat there easily. But I, I know for a fact, like when I started running again, I started sweating like two minutes into my run. Now it takes me anywhere from five to seven minutes before I actually start to feel, uh, myself perspire out my forehead. All right? So it takes me longer to build up a sweat. Now, you know, I think some, some people might be into that.

I don’t know. I can tell you right now, my wife is disgusted by sweat. Okay? It’s, it’s icky. It’s, it’s sickening. And when you’re doing a missionary, which is where you’re, you’re both looking at each other, right? Hey, how are you? Oh, I’m good. How are you? And sweat starts to come from your forehead first and it goes onto your wife’s face. She does not appreciate that very much. And it ruins the mood and we laugh about it and I apologize for it and everything, but it takes you out of that moment. Okay. So, uh, being overweight, you have an overactive sweat glands. I sweat a lot anyway, but I sweat it more easily when I was overweight. Now I’ve got it more under control, what the long sessions and sweats gonna happen. But, uh, you know, it’s, it’s not as quick to come up.

But before she used to, it used to be a big uh, orchestra to get ready for it. Right. We had to turn on extra fans and everything and make sure everything was nice and cool. I couldn’t have just come out the shower cause my body’s heated up from the water and it’s already tending to sweat or just having an exercise or cut the grass. You get the idea. Alright. So it was a bit production before. Not anymore. No sweat. If you girls into sweat, maybe she’s in the, you being overweight, I don’t know. But I think most girls probably, they don’t like the sweat, uh, or they definitely don’t want it dripping into their face. So, uh, and the other thing and that brings that up is not so much with the sweat, but the fact that when you lose weight, you’re able to get into a lot more positions.

So like I said before, we were pretty much stuck with missionary before I got grossly overweight. We could’ve did doggy style. Okay, now, Whoa, you know, it’s an open market, right? I can actually do the entire corner suture book. I mean, we can, we can do whatever position you want. Because at the end of the day, when you, when you get into, you know, the most difficult would be a seated position. When your stomach is the biggest and it hangs out over your, uh, your snicker doodle, it’s, it’s completely covered up. And there was no pulling her clothes to, to have it exposed, to have enough to get penetration. There’s no getting around that. So when you lose the weight and you’re able to actually have your snickerdoodle exposed, no matter what position you’re getting in, you get to do more positions in the bedroom, which leads to more excitement, which leads to better sex.

Which of these two? What am I going to say? A better Mary? I think we always had a good marriage, but my wife was able to see past, uh, you know, gigantic 500 pound Damien and she’s a sweetheart. But bottom line is that you’ll have better sex and you’ll be able to do more things with it cause you’ll be able to get into more positions than you ever could when you’re overweight. So that, that should be inspiration. Number one guys. I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking, you know, more sex and sex and different positions. Like, uh, I know my wife, she even offered to give me a fellatio if I lost weight. You know, if you lose this much weight, you get fellatio. But you know, maybe your girls like into that. Mine’s not, Oh, she’s going to kill me if she sees this video.

Anyway, this one’s not going on Facebook and advertise to the world. So those are the benefits to losing weight. It’s going to greatly benefit your sex life is going to greatly benefit your partner. And I mean, besides from you having a healthy life there, there are other things that are going to a change. Now for me, I was a grossly overweight and I’m gonna let you in on a secret that now, now this is only for really, really overweight people, not regular, but it was starting to become a problem to wipe my butt after I pooped. Okay? And that’s that. That sucks, man. I mean, I used to have to lean up against the wall next to the bathroom to force my arm to get far enough behind me, said I can wipe my butt. I mean, look, I’m a clean individual. Okay. I know you get that stereotype that fat people are disgusting, they’re overweight and they don’t clean themselves and stuff.

None of that. That might be true for some people, but that’s true for a little bitty skinny pricks too, that, uh, don’t clean themselves. Okay. That can, that can apply to anybody. But for whatever reason fat people get that stereotype that we’re fat and disgusting. No. So I made sure it was done and if, heaven forbid I really couldn’t get it done, I jumped in the shower and take a shower or something. But I’m just saying like this is, this is one of those difficult things to do and, and it’s a shame but it’s just, I accumulated so much fat around my midsection and your arms don’t get any longer and I just couldn’t reach all the way around. I mean it’s crazy now I overshoot my butthole. I mean I started wiping my left cheek with my right hand. Right. I mean I’m so used to going far and then it’s nice to not have to need assistance by pushing the wall to get my hand around behind me and I can’t, I can’t.

I’ve heard of bodybuilders who are so big that they can’t do it. Of course it’s for a different reasons cause their laps are so big, their back muscles, right. Hey, cool problem. But they actually have to go down between their legs. The thing with a fat person is I can’t go between my legs because I got this big old belly that sticks out. They don’t have that. They got six pack abs. I got to come all the way around. So that’s not a possibility. You know, the only alternative would be the a, they actually invented this thing that you attached toilet paper to and put a scoop too. That was like drawing the line. I was like, no, like no, I’m never going to get that fat. And if I ever do get that fat, like something drastic is going to have to happen cause I don’t want to, I like that’s almost like throwing in a towel.

Like okay I’m just this fat, which I already threw in the towel once with having a special order, my clothes from Kingsize direct. Hey, thank you guys. I appreciate it. I, yeah, I got so big. Couldn’t buy my clothes at Walmart. Couldn’t buy them at JC Penny’s. Uh, you know, I’d go out in town and see cool stuff. I couldn’t buy it. I had to special order my clothes cause I was so big, but I didn’t need that wiper. I was close to needing it and I finally had a wake up call and I lost my weight. So you get to a wipe your butt better. And then the last thing is, is that I snored a lot when I was overweight. I don’t know the science behind it. I don’t know why I snore. I guess my body that was, that was his way of saying that it was really struggling to get air into the body because there was so much fat. Probably probably all my lungs maybe. Cause every night when I went to sleep, I mean guys, I was over 500 pounds. I’m at two 20 right now. Okay. So I was over 300 pounds. That’s one and a half times of me. So that’s like another me right now just sitting on my chest while I’m sleeping, trying to breathe, I guess.

So. So I snored a lot. Okay. And you know my wife, I used to hate that. Sometimes I’d wake up and I guess I had a difficult night and she would be out of the bedroom and she would be asleep in the couch or in my daughter’s room. And you know, I, I feel terrible. Like, why didn’t you wake me up? I would come out into the living room and she’d be like, Oh, I didn’t want to bother you. You actually sleeping or anything. So it helps with that. Okay. It helps with your sleep and it helps with your snoring. It helps you go to sleep. You know, as many a nights when I was overweight where, uh, I couldn’t sleep either. I had chest pains, which probably might have been a mild heart attack, I don’t know. Or, uh, anxiety. Uh, whatever it was, I couldn’t sleep a lot of times.

I had so much energy. Sometimes it’s cause I ate, you know, like I said, I used to eat like two or three, six Snickers bars. Yes, six before I go to bed. So all that sugar, we keep me awakened. And what did I care? It was a gigantic fat guy. Uh, so getting on a better diet, doing the intimate and fast, and I cut my eating time, you know, at six o’clock, seven o’clock at the latest. I quit eating by the time I go to bed, all my foods fully digested and I’m tired. I’m worn out from my day’s activities. So, uh, that, that helped me to sleep. And that brings me to my last point. I thought I was done, but okay. Activities. Let, here’s a, here’s a good trick. All right? It has come at the end of the video. So if you stopped it early, cause you’re embarrassed, you miss out on this.

Here’s the great thing. All right? You will lose weight having sex. Now I didn’t pull up the numbers. I can. It’s, it’s very small. What they say, the calories you burn, right? I, I think, uh, if you, uh, if you reach orgasm, you, you burn about 30 calories or something. It’s real small. A women to, you know, orgasm 30 S 30 calories or whatever, having sex. That all depends on how, uh, vigorous sex you have. You could burn anywhere from a hundred calories to five calories. It just depends on how vigorous you are. But I’m going to tell you this. Here’s the thing that they don’t, uh, accommodate or I’m taking the calculation for is your heart rate going up so your heart rate goes up when you have sex. All right? Either from just getting excited from seeing her naked or to a, just actually getting into the activity to actually reaching climax.

All right? When you reach climax your heart, your heart is pumping, okay? Maybe not as fast as running, but it’s pumping faster than what it normally would. So that is burning calories. And guess what? When you’re done, you’re burning calories until your heart slows all the way back down. So that’s still some extra time that you’re burning calories. Now we generally, I mean, some spontaneous stuff happens, but we generally have sex at night. I think most people do, right? We have sex at night, we’re night creatures with that. Uh, when you, when you have sex at night, a lot of times it’s already after dinner. It’s already after you’ve eaten all your food. So if you can suppress that urge to eat that chocolate or that food cause your body after, after it does that, it wants to eat right. You got all the movies and everything and it happens to us.

We’re after sex. You know, the girl comes in, uh, back in from the kitchen with, you know, the gallon of ice cream and some water, you know, cause you’re thirsty, you’re hungry, you just, uh, you just exerted yourself uh, vigorously for this activity. You depleted a lot of your juices cause now they’re going into her or her. Hers is coming out at you, you depleted a lot of that. Your body wants to replenish it. Okay? If you can sustain that urge to eat and just drink some water, all right? Water’s fine. Drink water. Especially if you’re doing an intermittent fast and Hey, it was after my time to eat. I could not eat. So I didn’t eat. Whenever we had sex, I would wake up a pound lighter and so would my wife. So would she, and I would remind her of that because she would get on a scale and she’d come out the bathroom, she’d be like, Oh I lost another pound.

I’d be like, we had sex last night. Sex man, sex is so awesome, right? Not only is it great and fun, but you’re burning calories too. And if you can sustain that urge to want to eat something, especially sweet cause we want something sweet right after sex, right? And we want those sugars to hurry up and replenish a what we just lost in our body. If you can suppress that, you are going to lose weight. Especially if you’re doing an intermittent fast and all right, you’re not going to burn this absorbent amount of weight. And yet a couple of times it was a pound, but I’m sure it was a more like a half a pound. You know, she might’ve been at a blah blah blah 0.5 and then the next morning is like 0.9 you know, instead, whatever it is. But the fact is is that it can absolutely help you with losing weight.

So if you have a wife, if you have a girlfriend, you got a boyfriend, whatever, and he and you and him, y’all get your freak on and he comes out the next day or she comes out in the next day and says, Oh, I just lost weight. Remind them you had sex last night. Don’t forget to remind them that way they associate that weight loss with the sex, which really does happen. All right. It really does happen. Associate that sex with the weight loss and remind them of that next time you want to get lucky. That’s the old pig for you. I hope you enjoyed this video. I had a blast making it. I wish I would’ve had my wife just said, watch your turn beat red. As I mentioned, a lot of that stuff that I did. Uh, if you’ve got any questions, if you got a future videos you want to see or if you, you got stuff pertaining to this. I’ll do a second one. If you got questions you want me to ask my wife, I will ask them. I’m not embarrassed and I will get them out of her. If there’s anything you want to know. So thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe. Hit the like button and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye.


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