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Secret Goals

A lot of the work I do with body image clients is helping them figure out what they really want to do, have, or experience, by looking a certain way. I call these goals “Secret Goals,” as they tend to be hidden inside a person’s explicit and conscious goals— namely, aesthetic...

Video of the Day- Is it “thin privilege” if you earned it?

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How Binge Eating Is Actually Your Inner Advocate

How Binge Eating Is Actually Your Inner Advocate No one likes to talk about binge eating. It’s embarrassing, and the least glamorous of all of the eating disorder behaviors. It’s also the least talked about, despite it being the most common. Binge eating sits in direct opposition to restriction (which...

Superiority, Ego, and Confidence

Looking back on that time, I remember feeling confident. Granted a lot of my confidence came from self-objectification, but it also came from the fact that I understood myself to be funny, smart, likeable, and talented. Most days I felt like a “good person” (whatever that means) with a lot...

Body Image and Learning to *Want* Different Things

I often see people in the anti-diet world attempting to convince folks to stop *wanting* to be thin, and roll my eyes. If giving up the desire to be thin was that simple, people would just do it. Nobody is out here trying to be dissatisfied with their bodies, for...

Objectification and Body Image

Something that comes up as a very common source of body anxiety and obsession among my clients is the desire to be seen as attractive so that they can find, and keep, a male partner. I say “male partner” there, because I am specifically referring to women looking to partner...

Body Image & Self-Advocacy

What if I told you that in order to heal your body image issues, you needed to learn how to speak up for yourself? Due to people-pleasing (and learning to center their worth in what other people think of them), they never learned or practiced the skills of self-advocacy, boundary-setting,...

Body Image & Sex

I spent ALL of last week writing, recording, thinking, and talking about sex. To be honest, a week was way too short. There’s just too much to talk about, too much shame and confusion that needs to be cleared up, and way too many links to body image and body... does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition.

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