Monday Motivation: Keeping Up With Your Mental Health Through Physical Health

Now before you jump to conclusions thinking I’m giving recommendations as a non-health professional, calm your tits. I’m not doing that. Mental health issues come in all shapes and forms. Some people can work on those issues through diet, some with exercise, some using medication, and others with therapy. We...

Monday Motivation: Why I Gave Up Caffeine

I’m not a woman with many vices. I don’t eat much sugar, I stay away from alcohol, and I’m not big into drugs (until I can get my hands on some psychedelics someday). You could say I’m boring…and you would be correct. I’m pretty basic with basic needs. I want...

Belting Your Sweater Dress

I don’t want to tell you what to do or anything, but I’m going to. Because I’m right…12% of the time. And something I think you would benefit from is a belt that fits around your waist to pair with your sweater dresses this fall. What’s that you say? You...

Getting Familiar With My Protein Intake

There are two things I know about myself – Tracking my food in the past has not worked well for me. I don’t build muscle easily. I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition space for 12ish years at this point. I went to college for health and exercise science, competed...

TACO TUESDAY-Sweet Potato Tacos

If you look at this recipe and immediately want to say, “BEANS AREN’T PALEO” you would be 100% correct! I’m so proud of you and your knowledge! But here’s the thing…I ate strict paleo for years and years and years, and I thought I was doing the best thing for...

Monday Motivation – Taking Responsibility & Taking Action

We live in a world filled with a million things to do. When people say they are bored, I always wonder – HOW? We live in a world filled with movies, never-ending tv shows, constant entertainment with social media, a computer that has endless amounts of things to watch, information...

Monday Motivation – Commitment

Working out every single week is a commitment. There’s no getting around it. Just like work, just like a relationship, just like brushing your teeth…you have to commit to it to ensure that you’ll get the best results. And that can feel overwhelming because people want quick results. We are...

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