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6 ways to avoid giving up during your workout

Being overweight can sometimes make your workouts feel uncomfortable and difficult.

Updated: December 6, 2020
6 ways to avoid giving up during your workout. Closeup image of a woman working out with dumbbells
By MBL Featured Blogger: Karen Eisenbraun
Originally Posted: April 20, 2020

Perhaps the excess weight you’re carrying around is preventing you from being able to do certain movements, or you’re having difficulty finishing your workout because you’re out of shape.

Giving Up During Your Workout | No matter the reason, it can often be tempting to give up midway through your fitness routine because it’s just too hard.

It’s important to keep in mind that giving in to quitting will make it easier for you to cut your workout short next time, and the time after that — which can eventually have a devastating impact on your weight-loss goals.

If you find that you’re struggling to make it through your exercise regimen, here are six ways you can avoid giving up in the middle of your workouts.

1. Focus on the present moment

Instead of focusing on the discomfort you’re feeling during your workout or about the things you plan on doing after your workout, hone your focus on the movements you’re doing at that very moment. If you’re running, think about each foot strike and relax your shoulders, or if you’re lifting weights, focus on doing your set of reps and about using proper form. The more you focus on the present moment, the less distracted you’ll be.

2. Keep it positive

Research has shown that positive words and positive thinking can change your attitude, perspective, and reaction in an instant. If negative words about your workout or body come to mind when exercising, swap them out with positive words. For example, whenever you feel like quitting, think “I feel strong!” instead of, “I feel tired,” and continue to push through your workout.

3. Think about your end goal

One of the best ways to get through your workout when it’s getting tough is to think about your end goal. Think about how putting in the last 10 minutes of your workout will get you that much closer to a smaller waist and stronger muscles, and about how you’ll look great in smaller clothing size. Visualize your end goal instead of thinking about the work you’re putting in to get there.

4. Remember that not all days are perfect

When you exercise regularly, you’re bound to experience one or two off-days every now and then. Maybe you feel tired as a result of not getting that extra hour of sleep last night, or maybe your muscles feel especially fatigued from yesterday’s workout. Taking an extra day off once in a while isn’t a bad thing, and is sometimes required for you to come back feeling refreshed and invigorated after taking the day off.

5. Exercise to more upbeat music

Studies show that the rhythm and tempo of your music has a major impact on your focus while working out, and even affects your muscle coordination and movement. If you want to make your workouts easier to get through, choose songs with a fast tempo of at least 130 beats or more per minute, and listen to your playlist during every workout.

6. Quit when it’s time to quit

There’s a difference between soreness and pain when working out. If your muscles are fatigued or sore from exerting and pushing yourself, that’s normal, and a great indication that you’re working hard. But if you’re feeling faint or nauseated from not eating enough or drinking enough water, or you’ve twisted your ankle or suffered a more serious injury, it’s time to quit. Listen to your body’s cues, and quit before you endanger your health.




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